Friday, May 13, 2022
Pope Francis called on the world to not get used to war because that is not our human nature. Just when we thought we were getting out of the grips of COVID-19 to resume normal lives, Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 22, beginning a war that is already exacerbating the economic hardships the coronavirus has caused. [Photo Vatican Media]

War cannot be justified for whatsoever reasons. The celebrations of the Paschal Mysteries testify that our Lord Jesus Christ conquers even the darkness of war. We highly commend all religious institutes who have responded to the emergencies created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They have put Christian faith into practice and made JPIC more practical whether inside Ukraine or in bordering countries like Poland and Romania. Religious men and women all over the world have expressed solidarity by contributing resources and compassionate assistance to the suffering people of Ukraine.

We stand before a daunting challenge, albeit the force of our concerted prayers will make peace prevail. Let us also remember all the countries which are suffering the misery of conflict: Afghanistan, Myanmar, South Sudan, Nigeria, Iraq, and places where terrorism and civil unrest exist: Chad, Libya, Mali; drug war conflict in Mexico and Columbia. Remember in all your heart and prayers all these people and places, and all of the world, who need peace, joy, and God’s love.

Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM and Fr. Joseph Blay, OFM Conv.
Co-Executive Secretaries, JPIC