“David versus Goliath”: a prayer guide to feel with the victims, in the Season of Creation


Sunday, October 3, 2021
The image of David against Goliath is the image of resistance and hope in the face of extractivism. It is embodied in many daily and community stories, which in an unjust, unequal and devastating war resurfaces as a song, to give meaning and strength, and to tell the world, through their tears and concrete testimony that mining deceives, that mining kills.

In the style of Jesus, the Churches and Mining Network makes its preferential and radical option for the victims, who are the ones showing the way and seeking ways to continue to exist in their territories, with their more sustainable life options, still deeply wounded. This prayer guide is also shared within the framework of the Reflection Days on Theologies and Extractivism, an ecumenical meeting in which around 10 theologians participated.

The Mining Divestment campaign invites us to heal these pains, with concrete actions, to stop the advance of companies that generate these sufferings and violate rights, in the Time of Creation, we call for ethical coherence and divestment in funds that generate more excluded and more injustice.

The Time of Creation is the time to commemorate and recognize the wounded and despoiled Sister Mother Earth, to make concrete commitments for her defense and care. It is this time, in which together with the suffering Sister Earth, Sister Jungle, Sister Water, we become one with the pain and suffering of the victims of this system, choosing to accompany their suffering and sing their songs of hope.
We invite you to feel this journey.

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